Jeremiah 17:9

Another one of my favorite bible verses is Jeremiah 17:9. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” I guess this kind of blows a hole in the message you get from Disney to “Follow your heart!” huh? This verse is encouraging and discouraging. It discourages me because I know the heart has a huge influence on what I do, and if the thing that is influencing me is deceitful and sick I’m pretty much screwed. BUT! I think this is the reason Jesus focuses so much on the heart and less on the outward stuff. He knows our heart is crooked and broken, but by handing it over to Him he can guide it, despite its intrinsic deceitfulness. That is why I find Jeremiah 17:9 encouraging. In order for me to stay on Christ’s path I have to rely on His strength and guidance, because if I try to do things on my own I’ll be following a deceptive guide. If you need proof of this just look at a couple in love. They will make choices that no sane person would make otherwise. Have you ever done something in a fit of anger that you later regretted because it was a bad choice. You were probably being led by your heart and anger. It’s my personal view that my mind makes much better (but sometimes flawed) judgments, but only has partial input into my choices; and that my heart makes frequently flawed judgments but has much more input into my choices (when my emotions are involved). Giving my heart to Jesus is the best thing for me.