The fist-less fight

I’ve been reading through Acts lately and there’s something that keeps coming to my attention. I haven’t finished the book yet, but I’ve seen it the clearest in Acts 5:17-42 where John and peter are confronted by the Sadducees. They are threatened with death, beaten, then told to stop preaching the gospel of Jesus. What do they do instead? This is the good part. They rejoice for getting the snot kicked out of them, then go right back to preaching! I love that. They didn’t fight the authority God had put over them, even thought the authority was telling them to go against God’s plan for them. They just said “Hey, you gotta kill us, beat us, do whatever to us go ahead, but we’re not gonna stop. God > you guys.” Later in Acts Paul goes through some rough stuff with some people, but he doesn’t get violent back. At one point he insults the high priest by basically calling him a bag of lifeless bones (Acts 23:3) but when he finds out he is the high priest he kind of apologizes. Paul goes through all his troubles because he wouldn’t keep his mouth shut about Jesus. He kept on preaching, even when he knew it could lead to his death. The way these guys were fighting against a culture full of idols and false gods wasn’t by waging war on ever other city that worshiped an idol. They took a risk and walked into the city and preached & reasoned about Jesus with the people. I feel a little guilty when I read about these guys. I can barely muster up the courage to tell my friends about Jesus, and the worst they can do is call me stupid and walk away. Paul, Peter, John,  and even Jesus all ran the risk of being stoned or crucified. What up with that?! I’m not much a football guy but I want to be more like Tim Tebow. I don’t even know if he’s any good at football, the only thing I know is that he loves Jesus. People are always complaining that he won’t shut up about his Christianity. I don’t want to be best know for being popular, funny, smart, a good athlete, or anything else. I want to be known for being loved by Jesus and radiating that love back onto everyone around me. Like Francis Chan I want to be willing to go anywhere and do anything the Holy Spirit guides me to do. I get annoyed when people think Christianity is a social group, or a thing for good people. First, Christianity is a worldview, the way you perceive and interact with everything around you. When you meet Jesus the blinders come off. Second, if Christianity was for “good people” Christ would be the only one that qualified. Christianity is for the broken, shattered, horrible people of the world. If you think you’re not broken or flawed…’re stupid ( You would actually fit the Websters definition of the word. Only a stupid person could think they meet God’s standards without Christ. Paul, John, Peter, Tebow, Chan….all of them were/are out there in a world that is fighting against them but they shine bright for Christ no matter what punches are thrown their way. They’re fighting a fight with their hearts and the way they live their lives, not with their fists.

One thought on “The fist-less fight

  1. “I want to be known for being loved by Jesus and radiating that love back onto everyone around me.” Oh, Austin, may God give you that desire of your heart! I agree with you 100%. This is great stuff, man. You’re blessing me, blessing others, fighting the good fight. Keep it up.


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