Selfish Christianity

Today at Church I started thinking about something after hearing about Jonah, and evangelizing to people in hostile countries. It’s something Francis Chan talks about sometimes. I was standing in a safe warm room, with soft chairs, singing worship to my lord with words on a screen and a nice sounds system. The room was filled with people that love Jesus, and I do not think gathering together in a place like that is bad. However, we’re basically babies being spoon fed by a pastor in a safe little church bubble. The thought that came to mind is what are all of us sitting in all of those chairs going to do with what we gained from that service? I look at the people in the bible and comfortable and spoon-fed is not something I see a lot of. Spoon-fed and being a disciple with the intent to disciple others are not the same thing. Didn’t most of the people in the bible get murdered for their faith? Or at least they got themselves in some hot water because they wouldn’t shut up about Jesus. God corrected Jonah when he tried to avoid his calling to live out his faith and share it with others. While I was standing there singing my love to my God I couldn’t help but feel like I live my Christianity for myself. I’m safe, I’m covered, my sins are paid for so now I just have to bunker down and live as comfortably and pain free as possible until Jesus either comes back or until I die peacefully of old age in my sleep? That is not how the people in the bible did it. Faith in Christ had the opposite effect in them. They threw comfort out the window and followed Christ’s lead into persecution and trial. It says in Matthew 10:28 “And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Why would we be told to not fear those who can kill the body if we’re supposed to keep quiet and safe in our private little Christian lives? It’s the opinion of this 18 year old punk kid that doesn’t know very much and doesn’t have much life experience that we’re told to not fear those who can kill the body because we will run into people that literally will want to kill us if we’re living out our faith the way the bible shows. I think this verse is suppose to be comforting to us as we take the gain from our safe church bubble (which is a good thing) and share it with a world that has never heard it. I don’t think Sunday church is suppose to be an end in itself, I’m under the impression that we’re suppose to take the stuff we learn on Sundays and go at the world with it. As a high school student I feel the cultural influence that says talking about Jesus in public is awkward so I shouldn’t do it. You want to know what is awkward to me…sitting next to someone and knowing they’re going to literally be in anguish FOREVER if they don’t have a heart for Jesus. If we actually love Jesus we need to feed His lambs. If we actually love Jesus we need to tend His sheep. If we actually love Jesus we need to feed His sheep. Matthew 28:19 says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” If I don’t take all the compassion and knowledge Christ has given me and use it further His kingdom and follow His lead to pour into other peoples hearts and minds as best I can, if I stay in my comfy chair and only sing worship in my safe bubble, then my Christianity is selfish.