Arrogant Jellyfish

I recently finished a book by Joshua Harris called Dug Down Deep. It was a great book, I recommend it. In the last chapter of the book Harris talks about humble orthodoxy. Basically he lays out for ten chapter the main pieces of Christian theology and why it’s important to know your theology well. Then chapter eleven is about not becoming puffed up with all the stuff you know, but also being able to present it to others. To me it seems like I simultaneously fail at both of these ( I don’t even know if that’s possible but I do). I can feel smarter than other people and think that because I know “more” (I actually don’t know all that much) I am higher up on the spiritual chain. I’ll also feel too timid to share the little knowledge I have with people who would benefit from it. I become a knowledge black hole, all kinds of good stuff goes in but nothing escapes to benefit other people. Joshua Harris says “There is nothing more unloving than to be silent in the face of lies that will ruin another.” There are lies in our world, especially philosophical and theological lies, that people buy into. In the book Doctrine, Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears talk about how there are powerful demons that teach false gospels and people worship them as gods. There is no hope in these “gods”, but they have the power to do miraculous things so that people will believe. If you choose to take the hope that is in you and your knowledge of gospel and bottle it up inside your mind, you are not being loving. The true gospel  of the bible is the only key to unlocking the chains of a false gospel. On the other hand if you present it in a way that is puffed up and try to win an argument you will not win the heart of the person you are speaking to. We need to humbly and lovingly present the story of the Old Testament and how over the years God was laying down big fat arrows that were pointing towards His future plan in Christ, and the story of the New Testament and how God come down because of love to fulfill His plan of saving humans (the evil creatures that continuously rebelled) through Jesus. If I view Christian theology as something to fight over and quarrel about then I don’t understand the doctrine of unconditional love that is the foundation of Christianity. If I view Christian theology as something to be kept to myself so I don’t offend people of other religions or people who don’t believe in Jesus, then I don’t understand that all of scripture is complete truth spoken by God. Joshua Harris says “Don’t measure yourself by what you know, measure yourself by your practice of what you know” Don’t allow your faith to become something cold, calculated and theoretical, but don’t allow it to be shoved into a corner by other people false gods. If you’re like me and your faith leans towards the theoretical side just remember that you aren’t right even if you win the debate, Jesus is the only one who is right and when we get to heaven we’ll just look back and laugh at ourselves for being so argumentative and idiotic. If you’re like me and your faith leans towards being bottled up to avoid offending people just remember that the cross of Jesus and the redemption of His truth is the only thing that can snatch lives out of hell, and to demonstrate Christ’s agape love we have to share this hope. As humans we tend to have prideful arrogant faith or spineless jellyfish faith. Follow Christ’s lead and don’t have arrogant jellyfish faith.