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I’m sure a lot of you have seen this video

  I strongly agree with most of this video. I’ll get to the part that I don’t agree with later. There was a video in response to this one that you may have seen 
I also strongly agree with this one. I honestly don’t think these guys are talking about the exact same thing. ANY time you get in a discrepancy like this, define your terms very clearly. Webster has multiple definitions for religion. One is “(A)a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices”, another is “(B)the service and worship of God or the supernatural” The first guy is talking about (A), a lifeless system of religion that is run by attitudes (usually grumpy ones), a persons own beliefs, and the practices that they do. The second guy is talking about (B), an organized group of people who are supernaturally motivated to serve Jesus, and this organization and service follows the instruction laid down in the bible. Notice the first one is very “us, me, I” focused. The second one is very “Jesus” focused. I don’t think we  should throw religion out the window, but I also don’t think we should put it on a pedestal either. In Matthew 9:13 Jesus says, “Go and learn what this means, ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” If you read 1 Corinthians 13 it talks about how love is more important that a bunch of different things, I think it’s fair to say that it basically says love is more important than religion. It does not say religion is unimportant, only that love is MORE important. This is what the second guy is saying. Religion (structured and organized practices) have a valuable place, but only when you have a heart of love, compassion and service towards God and others as your first priority. Attending a church every Sunday at the same time, taking communion every month on the same day, following a bible reading plan, studying the doctrine of sanctification, all these things seem pretty religious to me. They are all good things but only if you do them because you love Jesus and want to share his love with everybody else. None of them have any real value without a relationship with Jesus. The most common thing I get when I talk to people about Jesus is “Yeah, that’s cool but I’m not really religious…” I love it when they say that because my response almost always gets funny looks. I say “Yeah me neither….I’m just all about Jesus.” I don’t really think I’m that concerned with religious stuff. I enjoy reading up on some good ol’ theology or doctrine but in the end if I’m not madly in love with Jesus and desperately trying to serve his people then who cares?! Jesus and me just kick it old school (or should I say New Testament ;D) The first guy is talking about people who are more concerned with their own “holiness” and making sure that everyone else is measuring up to their standard of being “holy”.  Uptight religious people like this are a joke. They actually think they play an active role in their being pure before God. HAHA! joke! There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to add to what Jesus did on the cross, like both videos said “It is finished”. All we can do is accept what Christ did as He was hanging on the cross and say I love you back. This brings me to the part of the first video I disagree with. He says that as Jesus was hanging on the cross He was thinking of you. Yes Jesus did die for sinners because he loved them, but was that the main reason? I think He went to the cross because it glorified the Father by showing the He is just enough to punish sin, but also loving enough to provided a refuge for sinners. If God lacked love or justice he wouldn’t be perfect. If Jesus loved people more than He loved the Father that would be idolatry wouldn’t it? Yes he loves people unconditionally, but that stems from His love for the Father, just like ours should right? Religious practices don’t usually bring people to Jesus, unconditional love that sticks out does. Those of you in UTT at NCHS probably talked about art today and how art doesn’t try to explain ideas it just presents them. That causes art (music, movies, books, paintings) to have a deeper impact on culture than debates. Jesus did some debating but mostly he just presented. We will very rarely argue or debate someone into loving Jesus by explaining our religion, but if we live out the relationship we have with Christ and allow the love and joy from that relationship to pour over into every other relationship we will be extremely odd in a world of conditional love and our lives will point towards Christ.