A trade you can’t regret

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately and is really bothering me is the number of people I see that wear the label Christian but don’t act at all as if they love Jesus in any way, shape or form. Apparently being a”christian” is what “good people” do (<– ignorant thought). These are my friends and schoolmates that I love and they have no idea what they say they’re representing. I feel the anguish Paul talks about in Romans 9. I’m heart-broken for two reasons. The first is that these people, by saying that they’re a Christian, are claiming (even if they don’t know it) to be ambassadors of Christ and to pursue Him over everything else. They’re dragging the name of Jesus through the mud not by making people dislike them but by not acting any differently than the culture around them. Those odd clothing, food, and stoning laws in the Old Testament weren’t there because God is super anal about stuff, He wanted His people to be different and set apart from the other guys living around them. I think that some (Dig very deep into your bible and talk to mature Christians about this) of those laws don’t apply nowadays because they don’t separate us from the surrounding culture in the same way. I may be wrong about this but from my conversations with people and from what I read in the New Testament that’s what I got. The “Christians” I’m talking about don’t have any concept of this being set apart from the culture around them and that makes Christ seem weak and like faith in Him is worth nothing. The second reason I’m heart-broken is because these are people I know and really care about and they think their little bubble of “regular teen life” labeled with an empty Christian stamp will make them happy. It’s like being bitten by a deadly snake and going to the hospital and taking the box of antidote for the bite and throwing the vile of antidote away and keeping the empty box in their pocket and saying “I’m good”. It does absolutely no good, it only makes you look like an idiot as you slowly die as the venom corrupts your organs and shuts your body down. Calling yourself a Christian does nothing for your sinful nature, your heart remains a brick (Ezekiel 36:26) as your sin corrupts you from the inside out. Since they are “Christians” most attempts to reach out with the gospel result in them thinking they already know and don’t need to hear it. Some of them go to church every once in a while, some don’t, that doesn’t really matter all that much to me, it matters to me that the hearts of people I love are chained up and in bondage and don’t belong to Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying I am better than these people, if anything I’m worse. I can’t carry myself through a single day without the help of Jesus. I don’t mean to judge anyone, that’s not my place, I only hope that God will use my nerdy blog to reach out to just one person that claims to be a Christian but doesn’t actually know Jesus and they will consider trading a life full of things that seem fun but don’t actually have any value, for a life full of hope and grace from a God that is real. I promise you that it is a life trade that you will not be able to regret, Jesus is SO much more than the culture tells us.