I’ve been seeing this video all over the place, so I watched it. I figured since it’s well-known it would be worth sharing my opinion about. Here it is if you haven’t seen it.

Just so you know, I have this tendency to not like things I don’t know much about. It’s not so much a strong dislike, it’s more of a skeptical neutrality. I don’t really think an uninformed opinion holds as much value as an informed opinion/well thought through opinion. I don’t like to just “hop on the band wagon”. So first after I watched the Kony2012 video, I thought over it and tried to decide if I thought what Jason Russell is thinking, fighting for and planning is biblical. He starts out saying that humans are social beings and enjoy fellowship with each other, and that is why social media and such is so popular. That seems biblical ( Genesis 2:18). His message is that all people are valuable and deserve life. This seems biblical. All humans are imago dei (Genesis 1:27), so every single one is precious. Jason and Invisible Children are not suggesting we respond with violence or vengeance. They want to arrest Kony to stop the LRA. This seems biblical. Romans 12:19 says, “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Jason’s message is to protect innocent people from a ruthless attacker. This seems biblical (Psalm 82:3).

After I watched it and agreed with the message it presented, I wanted to know more about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) and their leader Joseph Kony. What are they really about? Is he as horrible a criminal as the video describes? I read some different news articles (links to them are at the bottom) and it seems like the video was pretty right on by saying that Kony is a bad guy. He has captured around 66,000 children and displaced about 2,000,000 people. Everyone moves into the big towns because if they live in the outskirts of town Kony and his rebels are more likely to abduct them. The LRA is practically a cult. Kony says that he is in direct contact with God and that he gives God’s directions to his soldiers. They’re called “Christian” I don’t know if that is self-proclaimed or if the media labels them with that but I read something about the LRA being “a group engaged in a violent campaign to establish theocratic government based on the Ten Commandments throughout Uganda”. I also read that the LRA has very firm rules about not eating pigs, chickens with white feathers, or riding bicycles. If you are in the LRA and seen riding a bike they will cut off your feet. Just to be clear, they are totally cool with extreme murder, rape, and kidnapping, but riding a bike is a no go? I’m not seeing any resemblance to the ten commandments or Christianity at all, but that’s just me. I definitely agree that Kony needs to be arrested. Some may argue it’s not America’s problem or another person will just take his place if he is arrested. You’re right it’s not America’s problem, it’s humanity’s problem. All innocent life is precious and deserves to be protected. Kony is not the only person that should be arrested for war crimes, but he is at the very top of the list. Someone may take his place, but that is a lame excuse for not going after him. If someone takes his place we’ll go after them and arrest them too. Be a voice for invisible children in Uganda that don’t have a voice, stand up and make it known that Kony’s crimes need to be stopped, but don’t do it ignorantly out of social media hype. Understand what he is doing and why it needs to be stopped.

P.S. There is a 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament I’m organizing with the teacher at Black Hills that heads up our Invisible Children club. There are going to be shirts and stuff for sale at the tournament that will go back to the club and their cause, and the money from the tournament will go to World Vision to help children all over the world that are suffering. Message me on Facebook if you want to sign up or want more info.