Love is a word that carries a lot of weight to it. People die for it, kill for it, save for it, spend for it, change their lives for it. The God of the universe hung on a sinners cross because of it.  I’m young so I don’t know the depth or complexity of love as well as some others, but I do know that the definition of love differs between people. Some will say love is sex, sacrifice, happiness, patience, or that it doesn’t exist. All these idea about what love is cannot be right because some of them are at odds. When you tear it apart, boil it down, get to the core of it what is there to love? It is ingrained throughout Christianity, it is the entire foundation of Christianity. 1 John 4:8 says that God is love. There are four types of love the bible talks about, agape (charity/ unconditional love), phileo (friendship/fondness), eros (sexual/romantic), storge (family). 1 John is saying God is unconditional charity love, and that makes sense because unconditional love is the only type of love He could have for us. If there were any type of conditions for His love we couldn’t meet them. God’s love extends to every human being on the planet. That doesn’t mean salvation extends to every person. Like a perfect judge, God has to punish crimes against His laws. Either Christ took that punishment for you on the cross, or you will take that punishment for eternity in hell. Either way, someone is going make that payment for the wrong done. I personally think it pains God on a level we can’t understand when people spend forever paying for their wrong, but like any judge, He would be imperfect if transgressions were allowed to pass by freely. So if God’s love is unconditional, shouldn’t our love be without condition?

Just because you have sex with someone does not mean you love them.  If you truly love someone you would exercise the patience to wait until you made them a covenant  promise (marriage) to never leave them before you gave them the most valuable thing you can give, or before you allowed them to get as intimate as two people can be. Divorce has ruined this, it allows people to make liars out of themselves and break the strongest most valuable promise they can make. If you’re always happy with the person you love, you might not have a quality relationship. If you’re really communicating with each other there should be some type of disagreements that arise. This is where agape love comes in. Even though your happy feelings are gone and you aren’t seeing eye to eye with someone you can still love them. Culture seems to think that if you’re not happy, then you “fell out of love”. That is STUPID. Not to mention selfish. “If I’m not happy then I want to break up, get divorced, ditch you”…… idiots. The Creator of the universe demonstrated perfect love. His bride (church) was/is a bunch of annoying idiots that never listen, but He went out of His way to show His love. He sacrificed Himself so His people could have life. He is patient with us while we rebel. He is kind when we don’t deserve it, He humbled Himself to be a servant because of love. He submitted to a will that wasn’t His own for the glory of the Father and the redemption of His people. He did not become irritated or resentful towards the people who spit on Him as He was dying to save them. He became righteously angry when the people He loved were being taken advantage of in His temple. He bore all of our sinful horrible things on a cross, and He endured the agony that is deserved by us. He did all of this without condition and his affection has never ended, that is love. Does this describe that word we throw around so carelessly? I dare you to mean love before you say love.