What Works For You?

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is the truthfulness of the bible, probably because of the sacred  texts class I had this quarter and because of a video series I’ve been watching about the reliability of the bible. I think history is kind of boring so the historical accuracy of the bible doesn’t interest me all the much. However, there is a ton of archaeological proof about major people in the Old Testament and New Testament. Jesus was put on trial by the Roman government and a Jewish council. Also, fairy tales don’t have genealogies the way the bible does. When the bible lays out specific genealogies it’s sticking itself out there to withstand any accusation of its truthfulness, C.S Lewis says it this way, “It is simple religions that are the made-up ones.” I’m more interested in the theological accuracy of the bible because the bible could refer to historically accurate places, people, and events (except miracles) and be wrong about God, but the bible can’t be theologically accurate about God and be historically wrong about the promises He makes with people, punishments He enforces on people, or actions He does through people. I think the reliability of the bible depends much more on who God is and much less on who we (as humans) are. If what the bible says about God is true, then what  it says about everything else will also be true. The bible is either completely true and of great value or completely garbage and of no real value. “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” – C.S. Lewis. I see too many people who say Jesus was a “good moral figure”. That is STUPID! Jesus claimed to be God, either He is the image of the invisible God of the universe or He is a horrible liar and blasphemer that deserved the criminals death He died. What kind of “good person” says they can free you from your one way route to hell if they really can’t do it? What kind of “good person” claims to be able to heal the sick and dying if they really can’t? What kind of “good person” speaks with the authority to have power and ownership over everything if they really don’t? If you were to read into it though, Jesus came back from the dead because He couldn’t be held down in hell by the chains of sin because He didn’t own any. He did heal the sick, raise the dead, and fix the broken. He calmed storms and all creation shivered as His innocent blood poured out. Foolish people in our culture demand “proof” that God exists. Besides the splendor of creation, He already came down and paid for people with His death once. How dare we request Him to do it again. Jesus says He is the only God, and the true God. It is impossible for Christianity to merge with any other religion and still be Christianity. Theological relativism is ignorant. Christianity doesn’t “work” for some people while Buddhism or some other religion “works” for other people. The truth, that is a little offensive, but true none the less is that either Christianity will “work” for you, Christ will be your supreme treasure and take the punishment you deserve…or hell will work for you as a way to eternally take the punishment you deserve.