Good Friday

It’s Good Friday! The day that God the Son was murdered. Here is a graphic picture of what that probably kinda looked like, don’t click on it if you’re squeamish…  It is a very sad, but very necessary event. Without His death I would be chained to hell because of my flaws and falling short of the standard of God. Without the death of Christ there would be no chance at all. A person that clings to and follows Christ is given, out of complete grace, (see previous post on grace) eternal life instead of death. I’ve been having a tiny bit of trouble lately understanding the fine line between biblical unconditional love, and condoning sin. I having the feeling that the way Jesus did it was better. That sounds obvious, but cultural differences and time era differences aside I think His ministry was perfect in every aspect. The unconditional love He poured out, urging people to repent of sin, the care for the weak, the lack of care for stupid issues, and His response to critics. He handled everything with amazing care, intelligence, character, and dedication to the Father. I know very very little about politics, but I have the sense that there wasn’t a lot of bureaucracy to Jesus’s ministry. Christ’s death broke the chains and it seems like (to this slightly ignorant 18-year-old) that we put some restrictions on being a Christian, or we blow obedience to Christ out of the water with “cheap grace”. There is absolutely no prerequisite to following Jesus! Jesus died for that person who is a murdering, homosexual, lazy, prideful, foul-mouthed, lying, cheater. He died on a Friday so that person could have life forever in His presence, and the chains to all those things could be broken. Why is there a subtle assumption that a person can’t come to church unless they’ve already broken their chains?! Why does Christ’s church have the reputation of being judgmental, hypocritical, and arrogant? Even if they aren’t true, the reputation of the universal church affects the way people view Christ. Christ’s church needs to open the door to let sinners in, but not open their beliefs to let sin in. Again, I’m young so I don’t know a lot, but it seems like some church’s are blurring the lines between condoning sin, loving unconditionally, and hating sinners. The church’s beliefs have to be biblical. Hatred, homosexuality, abortion, and polygamy are wrong. It’s not personal opinion, it’s God’s breathed truth. As we reflect on death today, we should also reflect on life. Jesus died our death so we could live His life. He took our punishment on the cross, so that we could live an earthly life in pursuit of Him and His righteousness instead of sin, and live an eternal life with Him.