I went to the mall today to do my sociology homework. My assignment was to sit and watch society for an hour. After I did that, I ran into a friend of mine that graduated last year and we started talking about how a lot of our friends have started behaving poorly. These two things made me think just how stupid people are. There are two kinds of stupid (that I’m going to talk about), the kind of stupid that every person is because they are a sinner, and then there is the kind of stupid that only some people are. I am stupid and make selfish and foolish choices but I like to think that I have enough of a mind to avoid choices that gradually erode my life. Watching society and talking to my friend I realized that some people are flat out idiots.

If I ever become a pastor I’m probably going to be the offensive, bible thumping, Jesus loving kind and when I’m an old man I’ll probably be the grumpy kind that sits on my porch in a rocker with a shot gun yelling at them young whipper snappers to get off my grass.

I have a difficult time not calling idiots as I see them. I see a lot at my school. Consuming, ignorant, sex chasing, partying, prideful, short-term, foolishly independent people. I love people that are like this, and it is incredibly hard to deal with. It’s as if there is an idiotic force field around them that prevents them from hearing anything that doesn’t having something to do with their immediate pleasure. I do not enjoy being labeled as a punk, slacker, rebellious, troublesome teenager. My age automatically gets me lumped into a cluster of fools that I have spent years pleading with, arguing with, and fighting with to change. I am a fool, but not because I act like a grow up child, I am a fool because I am a sinner. Think of every great human to walk the earth, how many were focused on immediate pleasure, self indulgence, and material things. Out of the great role models of the ages the only one that didn’t open Himself up to correction was Jesus, and rightfully so. He was the only one that didn’t need correction or guidance from other people. Think of the other side of that coin though. All the great people of history that have made any sort of positive lasting effect have opened themselves up to the guidance of elders and peers. Cocky, arrogant, close minded, self pleasing teenagers that know the insides and outsides of life at 18 anger me deeply. And a culture that promotes this is creating cocky, arrogant, close minded, self pleasing teenagers in adult bodies. I’m only 18 so I’m not sure but I think, cocky should be replaced with submissive confidence, arrogant should be replaced with humble intellectual curiosity, close minded should be replaced with willingness to openly & humbly discuss and defend your views, self pleasing should be replaced with self sacrifice and a willingness to serve others, and teenagers should be grown into mature young men and women.