I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had as much time as I would like to blog. Something that has been on my mind for a while is something my track coach said to me after a meet. I haven’t been doing very well with my running over the past year or two for a combinations of reasons. Mostly my lack of self-training and lack of quality coaching. Something else I think plays a little piece is that I don’t really care if I lose. I enjoy winning much more than losing, but I’m not extremely competitive with my running. I don’t have a hatred for losing. What my coach said to me after our meet was that I wouldn’t start running well until I started to hate losing. He might be right about track, but the way my mind works I like to think big. Should I hate losing in general? I don’t think so. What is losing exactly? Someone else receiving the attention, honor and reward above me. What is wrong with that? Jesus lost hard-core in life. He put himself at the bottom of the totem pole. He spent His life losing glory and honor so that others could eventually have it with Him. He lived the life and died the death of a loser so that He could rise from the dead a King of champions. Many Christian over the ages have lost everything so they could be champions of Christ. That is what I want to be like. I want to spend my life at the bottom of the totem pole serving other people so that they can see God’s grace and have life eternally. I want to lose whatever God asks me to lose. I don’t want to strive for my own glory.

Being a sluggard in the off-season isn’t “not striving for my own glory” though, just to be clear. I think it represents Jesus well when we use our God-given talents with excellence to honor him.

Winning as you shove others down does not honor God. Winning and acting as if it is your own doing does not honor God. Winning through shortcuts does not honor God. Losing so that others can be lifted higher than yourself honors God. Matthew 20:16 says “So the last will be first, and the first last”. I want nothing to do with the world definition of winning. Power, pleasure, comfort and self indulgence. Look at Charlie Sheen, he thought he was “winning”. Jesus was a servant, a “loser” by the world’s standard. As Christians we’re suppose to be imitators of Christ. I believe that means we should be losers in a world full of winners.