Step to the Line

I remember walking through the doors of my high school my first day of freshman year. I immediately looked for my friends and tried not to make eye contacts with anyone I didn’t know. I didn’t exactly want to be there. That was the start of a roller coaster ride I’m about to get off of. I have about a month left until I’m relinquished from the grip of those high school walls. I am nowhere near the person I was when I walked in. I did Running Start so I didn’t spend as much time there junior year and senior year. I don’t regret getting away from the annoying busy work, idiots in classes, 7 hour-long school days, teen drama, and intellectual black hole that is my high school. The one thing that bothers me just a little is hard to explain. A good majority of the people at my school annoy me, but for some reason I’ve missed hanging out with them as we all get ready to plunge into adult life. Things are so different now that I look back over four years. I entered high school a young, immature, ambitious, little boy who knew everything, with a heart for running and a mind that knew very little about my God. I’m now about to exit high school a mature-ish, ambitious, young man who knows very little, with a heart for God and a mind that has found the tip of an endless iceberg that is revealing the truth of my God and the wonders He has made. I can tell you it has been hard, but absolutely worth it. The most valuable things I learned were not out of the text books. People think this is the end of the road. As any runner knows, this was  just the warm up, we’re about to step up to the line and start the real race. Just like a runner can rest confidently on the hard work their coaches have put them through all season as they wait for the starter’s gun, I can rest confidently on the fact my God has prepared me for whatever He has in store and He will not dish out more than He knows I can handle with His strength.