There’s been a bit in the media lately about Westboro Baptists “Church” and it’s started to affect me a little more directly. They’ll be in Olympia this Wednesday and Thursday protesting at the capital and at Oly high. If you don’t know, they go around protesting and telling people that aids, dead soldiers, and different things are God’s wrath on America for allowing Homosexuality. They say that “God hates fags”, and it has caught a lot of negative attention. They call themselves Christians and say they believe & preach the bible. A number of Americans have responded by concluding that all Christians hate homosexuals, which isn’t true. You can read a blog I wrote about my Christian view of homosexuality here (https://thoughtsofafellow.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/i-love-homosexuals/). I’ve started to feel a simmering hatred towards Christians from some people because they think Christian means judgmental homosexual hater. Westboro is not a church, and they do not represent Jesus Christ. They do not accurately preach the Christian bible. They don’t just have a different interpretation of the bible, they are flat-out liars. The bible does say that homosexuality is wrong, but no more wrong than any other sin, and it does not say that we should hate everyone that sins. The God of the bible died on a cross for sinners because of His love, and yes one day He will make his final judgment, but now He is offering mercy and love. He commands us to follow and love the way He loved. The fact that a cult of about 80 people took the beautiful King of creation and made up a distorted one dimensional demon of wrath, does not mean that is the true God of our universe. I love my God and He has blessed me beyond my worth. His love is greater than any power that could try to stand against. Yes He is a God of vengeance and wrath, but He extends grace that reaches to the ends of the earth for anyone that accepts it. Anyone who has read any bible knows Westboro is not a Christian church. A made up story about an angry god would not have made it 2000 and changed countless lives. The account of a living God that created our universe and hinted at His plan through human history until He came and completed it 2000 years ago could have lasted and changed lives.  Don’t be a fool who thinks they know all about “religious people” because you watched a news report about a group of Godless idiots.  Read a bible and tell me that’s not a God you could bet your soul on, because your soul is what’s on the line.