Five Points of Faith

I plan (God willing) to go to seminary after my undergraduate degree. So, I was told I should figure out what the main theological things about my faith are and see what the different seminaries believe about those topics. I ended up coming up with five points about my faith that I will not budge on. They are the things that I’m willing to argue for and stand strong on. There are many other topics that I’m willing to say I could be wrong about, but from what I read in the bible these five are concrete. My first point is that the bible is inerrant. It is the Word of God. It is all true in context. The bible is never wrong and has no error. If we start saying that the Word of God has errors then we would have to decide which parts are true and which parts are wrong. That is a slippery slope. Accusing God of being wrong is arrogant and rebellious. We think that we’re clever enough to tell the creator of the oceans and stars that we know better, that’s arrogant. It’s really just a disguise to rebel against God and say that we don’t like what He has to say, so we make up the excuse that He is wrong. If God is reliable then His word is reliable. The second point is that the bible is the only authoritative scripture from God. God chose to reveal Himself in two ways, one being a collection of 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books. Not one more or one less. The book of Mormon is not true. The Koran is wrong. The Tao Te Ching is false. Every other book on the planet that makes the claim to be God’s word is wrong. No new books are added, and none are subtracted. The sounds arrogant, but it’s not. Jesus proved it is true. (The second way God reveals Himself is in His creation). My third point is that God is a trinity. There is one God, in three distinct persons. A Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All are equally God. All are eternal. Each is a perfect representation of the other. It’s challenging to grasp but it’s true. I think it might possibly maybe almost be similar to the way we are a physical body, a spiritual mind, and a spiritual heart. They are all one person, but they are three distinct parts. If you’re an athlete competing hard your body will want to stop but your heart will want to push on, that conflict is because they’re distinct from each other. The Trinity of God doesn’t argue though. My fourth point is that a real place called Hell exists and it is an eternal destination. Jesus said there was a place called Hell and is was a place for the body and soul (Matt. 10:28) It is a real place, not for bad people, but for people without Jesus. Left to our own effort we would all go to Hell. It is not a place for people who have done more bad than good. It is a place for people who chose to live life trying to measure up to a godly standard on their own. You will fail every time. God’s standard is for us to be perfect. The only way to get there is to forfeit your own righteousness and accepts Jesus’s. Think about it like this. Mother Teresa was a really really good person. She did a lot of really kind things. If she committed a murder would she deserve to go to jail? Yes, no matter how many kind things she did, her one-act that broke the law would earn her a place in jail. One infraction against God’s law earn’s us a place in an eternal jail, us less Jesus is your propitiation. My fifth and final point is salvation. Salvation is our escape from a well deserved place in Hell. The only way this escape is possible is because of Jesus’s death and resurrection. On your own you won’t make it, you need Jesus. You were His enemy and He still loved you. Sin entered the human heart and spread to all mankind. Everyone fell short of God’s standard. The only way to over come this sin was for God to come down and defeat it. He didn’t do it with a sword or army. He did it by humbly loving people and not fighting the evil that attacked Him. Evil found no home in His heart, so when you give your heart to Him it’s washed squeaky clean and He fills it with His joy and righteousness. You are then able to stand before God blameless and free from past convictions, but only through Jesus. Christianity isn’t for people who have it all together, it’s for broken and lost people like you and me! (:

These are the five things I’ve based my life on for the past two years and I can honestly tell you I do not regret it. I encourage you to run after Jesus with everything you have. He is incredibly more valuable!