Time well spent in a place well worth it.

I really like reading books about Christian theology and I really like talking to people about Christian theology. I enjoy comforting people in difficult situations and I like making sure everything is planned and put together properly. It’s fun pushing the limits of my finite mind to try to understand an infinite God more and more, and it’s fun pushing the limits of my cold selfish heart to serve and love that God who loved me first. These are some of the reasons I want to be a pastor. Lately I’ve been thinking about my future career and life. I definitely believe I’m suppose to go into some sort of teaching or counseling ministry, I just don’t know what that looks like. I’m open to wherever God wants to take me. I think that “wherever” might not be here. Knowing myself, I know that I can be distracted by stuff pretty easily. I enjoy comfort, safety and pleasure. I feel like those joys can get in my way a lot of the time. I become lazy, selfish, and unwilling to leave my comfort. I’ve also been thinking how Jesus told His disciples to shake the dust off their feet when a town rejected the gospel. He didn’t want them to spend time in places that weren’t growing from their efforts. I love my city, state and country, but I think it may be more beneficial to use the time I’ve been given to go somewhere where the knowledge, talents, and heart God has given me can be used to the fullest. It feels to me like Christianity offers a message that people in the United States are starting to accept less and less. I believe God will be glorified the most by teaching and loving as a pastor somewhere where the people haven’t been given the same tools for biblical education as we have in America. I would rather fight to help a willing person understand the bible for the first time, than fight to convince a person who has heard the bible and rejects it. I think the first is a better use of time (not that the second is completely a waste of time). Other places around the world have an advantage over the US. They’re poor. James 2:5 says, “Listen, my beloved brothers, has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he has promised to those who love him?” We feel self-sufficient as Americans, and that’s a horrifying place to be as we stand in need of a savior. It’s the American way to consume, succeed, deny failure, and be awesome. It’s God’s way to give everything, glorify God always, acknowledge our short comings, and accept grace. I want to spend my life in a place that has few worldly distractions, great challenges that require me to rely on God’s strength and not my own, people who desire bible teaching, and people who can be loved unconditionally. I don’t know where this place is yet, but I trust that God will show me