I’ve in Seattle for about a week now,and been to two days of class. I like it here. The people are open and friendly, the classes are interesting and challenging, the food is good, and the rain hasn’t shown up yet. SPU is a Christian school and I’m taking a Christian scriptures class, a theology class and a political philosophy class. Basically a lot of talk about God, bible, morality, and faith. There are people in my classes who have never read the Bible and people who have read much more than I have, the culture of SPU is diverse. I can incorporate my faith in classroom discussions and no one seems to flinch at all. It’s very different from my classes I took at South Puget Sound Community College. To give you a brief example, in my philosophy class we had to choose two people from a live of descriptions about five people. The two we chose would live by receiving a life saving treatment, the other two would die. Two of them mentioned people active role in a church, and one of them was a five-year old boy. I told the professors I think those three should not receive treatment and die because I assumed from the active role in the church that the two are Christians and I believe the five-year old isn’t at an age of moral accountability yet.  All three of them seem to have a future with Christ in death. My professor said that seemed like a valid decision. At SPSCC, that wouldn’t have gone so smooth. I hope to spend this year falling in live with Jesus more than I do now. I haven’t been very faithful in my bible reading lately, and my prayer life if pretty flat lined at the moment. I don’t FEEL like I love God. I know I like Him a lot but I don’t feel like I love Him. My affection towards Jesus is in a drought. I like what C.S Lewis has to say about this. He basically says that if you want to love God, but you don’t feel affectionate feelings towards Him; instead of trying to muster up feelings just go through the actions. Do what you would normally do if you had those affectionate feelings, even if you don’t feel them. Eventually you will start to fall in love. Francis Chan also talks about living in a way where God has to come through for us or we will fall our face. Those are the two things I want to really learn to do and focus on this year, Love God and rely on Him

I’m going to make a real effort to write more frequently. Time allowing I would like to post a blog weekly (probably Thursday). I’ll do my best!