The Gap

In my University Foundation: Christian Scriptures class we’re talking about the first few chapters of Genesis, and in my theology class we’re talking about how human development from conception to death and christian faith function together. If you think about it simply, I’m learning about how human’s fell out of relationship with God and how an individual’s relationship with God is reestablished in a lifetime. Even simpler, there is a gap between people and God. How did it get there and how does it go away? Well the only way to bridge a gap between us and God is, either we go to God or He comes to us. Us going to God would mean we rise to His level, we cross the gap to come out where He is in glory and light. To make it there we would have to overcome a corrupted heart, and figure out a way to travel from earth through stars, galaxies, and heavens to the place where Jesus is. I could barely stagger out of bed this morning to drag myself to my 8:00am class, and I couldn’t manage to pretend to care once I got there. Bridging the gap between my bed and my 8 o’clock class was hard enough. I can only truly speak for myself, but I think I can rightly say that none of  us can possibly mend the gap in humanity’s relationship with God. The only other option would be if God came to us. If the Mighty Creator stepped off His thrown and wrapped Himself in the “stuff” of people. People desire heaven because it’s known for being perfect, and that would obviously be better than what we have now. God would have to set down the perfect to pick up what we have now, human life. If you read through the bible, that’s exactly what God did. He bridged that gap from God to people by becoming human, and he bridged the gap between humans and God by becoming a door, a propitiation, a satisfactory sacrifice, a ransoms, a savior. That allowed God to view a human as washed clean of sin, and that allowed people the opportunity to approach God in all His glory. God loves us so much he willingly traveled the gap in the universe between heaven and earth. Imagine the vastness of galaxies and inadequacies that separated us from God. If He left us, we could never close the gap. If he loves us, no vastness of universes, heavens, of hells could keep us from him.