Love God. Love People

I love going to a Christian school. Even though not everyone is Christian it is not abnormal for Christ or faith to come up in class room talk. Today I felt like we talked about some good things. It didn’t feel like I had to sit through an 80 minute lecture lecture today. I felt like I was forced to leave an hour and 20 minute meaningful discussion with my professor and classmates. I got to talked about wisdom literature in the bible and how we don’t always get the answers; and I got to talk about how intimate relationships of discipling and discipleship are immensely valuable to faith in Jesus Christ. I often find myself answering questions in class that I’ve been struggling with and unable to answer on my own. Although there are many people far wiser than I am here at this University, that is not the focus. Learning more is not the major area where I can feel God is stretching and growing me. It’s love and humility that have been stirring around in my heart. I don’t love well and I see that clearly. I’m learning how to guide a discussion with my heart and mind which allows both people to be blessed by it, instead of only using my mind and winning an argument. Discussing Job and Ecclesiastes in a class brought up how we don’t always understand the way God works, His ways are higher than ours. Sometimes people don’t need an answer, sometimes you don’t have an answer. Sometimes what a person needs is a friend, even though that’s obnoxiously cliché.

I’ve also realized that I’m not very excited and Jesus, to be honest. I got in a discussion with the middle schoolers at the  youth group I work at about “camp highs”. How do you carry over some form of the passion you feel on a church retreat into your daily life? I thought back to a mission trip I went on over the summer. Most of the people probably experienced a mission trip high. What were we doing that caused that? We were serving people, being open to a community of close Christian friends, reading our bibles, putting ourselves last, and putting Jesus first. I know we can’t do it at home exactly like we did on the mission trip because we go to school and have busy schedules but would it add some “sustainable high” to a relationship with Christ if we incorporated those things into our schedules? If daily I provided my skills and abilities to the people around me, was open and accountable with some close Christian friends, if I read the bible with eager delight, if I thought of myself less, and above all if I allowed Jesus Christ to have his rightful seat the on throne of my life.