Follow Me

If you haven’t read my previous post go read it because this is a continuation of that thought. I’ve been thinking about it a lot the past week or so. What does it mean to obey the call of Jesus to “follow me”? How am I suppose to compare my life to the life of the apostles? How can I live my life in a way so that when I stand before God and give an account of my life I won’t look back with great grief and sorrow over a life wasted? I met with a professor and talked about this, really thought about it, pleaded with God about it, and started reading a book about it.

Side note. One of the things I have started to love about SPU is that I can meet with a professor and talk about something that has almost nothing to do with class. I can talk with them about the struggles I’m having in my Christian walk and they engage me as a fellow Christian, not just a student who has to show up for class. If you’re willing, a professor with help you grow, not just assign homework. You only get as much from them as you put in though.

Something that came across my mind as I had been thinking was, if I knew for sure that Jesus was coming back tomorrow morning would I give all my stuff and money to the poor? No, I really don’t think I would. I would hope that I wouldn’t care enough about my stuff to give it a second thought. I hope that my first and only reaction would be to call the people I love who I know don’t have a relationship with Jesus to plead with them to turn to Jesus. If that’s how I would act then it’s not really about stuff, it’s about people and God. If I take that way of thinking and apply it to a life time instead of a single day what does it look like? How do I live in an age where the God’s kingdom is right now and not yet, simultaneously. How can I avoid wasting my time? What better book to read than a book titled Don’t Waste Your Life.  Johnny Piper says to glorify Jesus by glorifying him forevermore. Use your life to make a big deal out of God by enjoying hanging out with Him everyday. What I’ve gathered is that it’s not about the stuff, it’s about glorifying God, enjoying God, and loving people. Stuff should be a way of achieving this goal, whether that’s by giving it all away, saving it, spending it, buying it, or investing it. A Life should be a way of achieving this goal, wherever that takes you. I don’t think I’ve figured out the answer to my questions, but I think I’ve finally figured out what the question is. What does it look like for Austin Headrick to enjoy God and love people? I think living out the answer (once I figure out what it is) to that question will be hard. Maybe that’s why we’re given an entire lifetime to work on it? Maybe it’s something like an Asymptote? Maybe I’m just a philosophy student who needs to stop thinking and go outside and play with the other neighborhood children. Maybe you should stop reading my blog and go talk to God. Just maybe.