The Man of Steel

This may be one of the most philosophical, inspiring and deep blogs I’ve ever written. I’ve been thinking lately, and I need to share my thoughts. This blog will answer one of life’s most challenging questions. I typically don’t claim to have the one and only correct answer, but this time I do. This powerful life bending question that I will be answering is….who is the best super hero? The only true and correct answer is….Superman. I will now explain.

By “best” superhero I mean the one that can stand up to the villains the best and save the citizens the best. Superman is one of the strongest and most invulnerable superheroes which puts him towards the top of hero ranking, but he is also one of the fastest running and flying. This should put him in a class of his own. However, if that doesn’t satisfy you, he also has heat vision, X-ray vision, super breath, super hearing, super olfaction (smelling ability), super memory, super healing, master combat skills and a sweet costume. I made none of these up. His only weakness is kryptonite, which is meteor pieces from his home planet krypton. How easy do think that would be to find? Probably not very easy. If you did happen to find some, you would have to get close enough to the guy that can hear, see and smell you from miles away and that can outrun bullets. All in all he is a pretty tough guy to take down, and can take almost any villain. But wait, there is more. He was raised on a farm so he comes from a humble background, he has a super sense of morality, and he has krypto the super dog.

I’ve heard people mention that being so great makes him less realistic, over powered, or something of that sort. First off, he’s a superhero….he’s not suppose to be realistic. He has a solid back story which is all that is needed for a superhero to be realistic. Secondly, he’s a HERO…being over powered is never a bad quality when you’re saving lives.

He is not a perfect super hero, but he is definitely the best one.