All Glory Be To Christ

A friend posted a music video of  a song by the Mars Hill band. I’ve been listening to it over and over again. I really enjoy it. I think the guy sings well and the musicians play well, but I enjoy it mostly because of the words. The lyrics live up to the title of the song, they give all the glory to Jesus the Christ. Part of the song sings, “To you who boast tomorrow’s gain tell me what is your life? A mist that vanishes at dawn. All glory be to Christ.” I don’t feel like the song underplays humans or exaggerates God (can you?). It speaks honestly about how people are small, broken, and our life is a mist that is gone in a moment’s time. It speaks honestly about how Jesus is reigning forever, anything apart from him is vain, and he is our steadfast light. “Should nothing of our effort stand, no legacy survive, unless the Lord does raise the house, in vain its builders strive.” It paints a wonderful picture of our weakness and need, as well as Jesus’ love and light. It draws attention to Jesus as a kind hero saving those incapable of saving themselves. It makes the big focus on Jesus and his wonderful-ness, and that makes me excited! Joyful and Christ-full Christmas to all of you folks! All glory be to Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the anointed One, the wonderful God born baby.