Curiosity of a Fellow

I enjoy puzzels, not like jigsaw puzzles or rubik’s cubes. More like riddles, chess games, and people. Understanding why and how people are can be a big puzzle. Watch an episode of House, he loves patients because they’re big puzzels to him. The only things more complex than a person is God. Understanding God is a puzzle that has baffled the brightest minds across the centuries. This is why I enjoy theology so much. God is infinite, so there is no end to the pursuit of understanding why and how God is the way he is. I’ve heard it referred to as “divine play”. My curiosity is a joy that finds it’s greatest satisfaction in pondering the vastness of God’s character and ability. However, that joy can often turn into a curse when held in the hands of a sinful person such as myself. Like the ring of power that Frodo carried, it is often intended to do great good but it has a great potential for destruction. Treating God like a puzzle, even an infinite puzzle, diminishes him into a shadow of what he truly is. When I come to a point of feeling like I understand God completely, or believing that he can be contained in any way by my thoughts, then I have created an idol that is no longer the true Father, Son and Spirit of the bible. I sometimes fear that my curiosity will satisfy me enough to distract my from the wonderful being I delight to understand, or the humble position of seeking to understand God will turn into a prideful stance of power over others. Handeling the Word of God should be done with care, reverence and humility, never with a lust for knowledge. The call from Jesus is to follow him, not understand him. Seek to understand, love and serve God with all of your mind, heart and strength.