Words of Worship

I’ve been writing this blog for a little over a year now. Sometimes I question whether I want to put my thoughts and feelings out there for the scrutiny of anyone. I choose to continue writing for two reasons. The first is that it’s an outlet for the stuff my heart and mind produce together that would swallow me whole if I held it in. God created me with a mind that can travel to far away places and find delightful wonders in the depths of His glory, all while sitting at my desk in Seattle Washington. Writing this blog is a way for me to share the taste of joy and the wisdom of pain that I encounter as I strive, with the Spirit of my Lord, to run my race well. Hebrews 3:13 say, “But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called ‘Today’, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” I find writing to be a quality way of encouraging my brothers and sisters. The second reason I write is because it is where I meet God. I wasn’t blessed with the ability it make beautiful paintings or draw radiant pictures, but I’ve realized that words can produce glorious images just as well.  If God spoke a word to create sunsets, and I am created in that image and likeness, then my words must carry some weight. Writing allows me to choose each word, similar to the way a painter chooses each brush stroke, or a musician chooses every note. I see it something like wandering through a creek and picking up the stones I find to be the best, then presenting them to my Lord as beautiful worship. One of the unique ways God chose to reveal Himself to the world was in the form of Scripture. If words are adequate enough to reveal God’s character, then words are adequate enough to worship that very same character.

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