A God Without a Cage

It is hard to find time to write during school, but a thought has been on my mind today that I thought was worth sharing.

As I’ve been preparing for Indonesia this summer, a friend of mine had made the comment that God is Indonesian. I’ve also been reading 1 Samuel where the ark is captured by the Philistines and the statue of their god ends up falling over with its head and hands falling off. The Philistines freak out because the God of the Israelites is out of their control and on a bit of a rampage. They end up sending the ark back.

I guess the thing that has been on my mind is that God is not a white old man that we can tell what to do. I think the point my friend was trying to make was that God is not made in my image, I am made in his image and so are the Indonesia friends I am going to make, and my Chinese friends, and African friends and all people. God cannot be confined. We have a God that is utterly out of our control. I don’t exist the same way God exists. We’re so quick to throw around theological concepts about what God is like. That’s starting to make me slightly uncomfortable because we make such precise and rigid statements of God’s nature and character. The God I see in scripture is not tamed, he reveals who he is whether I agree with it or not. Putting a theological cage around God frightens me.