The Day of Joy

Joy to the world, the Lord is come. Abraham’s blessing to the nations has arrived, wrapped snugly in cloth. Hope has penetrated into creation to establish his kingdom. The unconventional power of God embodied in ten fingers and ten toes. The creative Word of God become bone and flesh. Celebrate as the King of this kingdom enters into poverty, pain, betrayal, and weakness to bring forth an inheritance to his children. The lowly have been lifted up through the birth of a child. The proud have been scattered by the reign of an infant. God did what God said he was going to do all along, and surprised everyone. This is our Christmas story, a story that pulls the past and future together in the birth and death of the Messiah. We enter into this story as we share in receiving the ultimate gift, body and blood, Eucharist. Oh what a great joy to the world, that the Lord has come.