The Seahawks

Next Sunday the Seahawks line up to play against the Patriots in Superbowl 49. As someone who lives in Seattle, that means my social media has been exploding with everything Seahawks related. Seahawks football is the only football I care enough about to bother paying attention to, and even then I’ve only been closely paying attention to this season for the past two or three weeks. I believe the technical term used for my type of fandom is a bandwagon fan. I accept this. When your team of choice is as awesome as the Seahawks, you can ride a bandwagon quite the distance. This bandwagon has seen nothing but fair weather all the way to two Superbowls.

I think some things that interest me just as much as the actual football games are the fan culture and the team dynamics of Seattle Football. I have absolutely zero credibility or credentials to comment on the technical football skills the players possess, but the way the players speak about their teammates after the games (most notably the recent Green Bay game) is really intriguing. The players speak so positively of their teammates and seem to have unquestionable faith that their fellow players are capable of executing their roles with excellence. Also, the way Pete Carroll appears to break the stereotypical model of a football coach who is loud, rough, and abrasive is pretty neat. Like I have said, I only watch Seahawks football games, so perhaps this is not unique to Seattle football, but based on my brief experience with middle school football (feel free to laugh) and the glimpses I get to see of other teams after playing the Seahawks, I have the feeling it is somewhat unique to this team. This recap video of the NFC Championship game gives a good picture of the trust and belief these players have in one another.Contrast that with these interviews with Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers and head coach Mike McCarthy and you get a slightly different vibe. Admittedly, winning is more conducive to camaraderie than losing.

This post from last year on a blog called Christ & Cascadia brought a lot of these things to my attention, and helped me realize that the Seahawks are not simply fun to follow, but “Seahawks football is theologically interesting“.