Rediscovering a Good Thing

Humans are good at adapting. Whether it be pain or pleasure we are good at getting use to incredible situations. This can be a gift when confronted with a difficult circumstance. But it can also be a curse when great things become mundane. I think this happened to me with my home state of Washington. Having grown up breathing in the dense delicious air each morning I waited for the school bus, running through the Autumn tapestry of leaves during each cross country season, shuttling past the sapphire blanket of the Puget Sound every time I took the train back home during college, a great thing became mundane.

However, after being in Korea for more than two years consecutively, I (thankfully) forgot about the enveloping beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I am thankful because forgotten things can be rediscovered with the delight they were once encountered with as new things. Of course there are unpleasant aspects of this place that I also rediscovered, such as the comparably poor public transportation, the steeper cost of living, and the decreased sense of safety. But despite these things, the Puget Sound is gorgeous. Not only is this region visually striking, but I am fortunate to have a childhood and adolescence littered with memories under this tree, in that park, and along those docks. This place fills me in a deep way.

Thank you to friends, family and strangers who made my two weeks back home such a refreshing experience.