About This Blog

This blog serves two purposes. The first is to provide a space for the expression of my thoughts. The title of this blog is Thoughts of a Fellow, which I hope captures the uncertainty that I bring to the table in each post. These words are written out of the abundance of my heart, which means they may not always be correct because I’m always a work in progress. It also means the content of this site might be a bit erratic since the theme is simply what I’m learning and thinking about these days. I try to write thoughtfully and articulately while also drawing a clear distinction between absolutes and my best hunches. I hope for compassion when we disagree and grace when I’m wrong, because both are likely to happen.

The second purpose of this blog is to attempt to inspire, challenge, and encourage those who read it. I’m not under any illusion that I have anything to say that hasn’t already been said in a more compelling manner. However, I do believe that some things need to be said as many times as possible by as many people as possible in order to transform them from mere words into the realities we live in. So, I add my voice to the cacophony.

About This Fellow

I’m a young American guy currently living outside of Seoul, South Korea and working with Northeast Asia Regional Peace Institute. I came to Korea three and a half years ago after finishing university in Seattle. My hobbies include learning Korean, watching YouTube, distance running, and searching for moments of intimate conversation with friends. If you’ve stumbled upon my small corner of the internet, I hope it’s a place you enjoy!