About This Blog

This blog has a long history. I created it in 2012 as a high school student wanting a place to piece together and share my emerging thoughts about the world. The posts you can find here track through my high school and college years, my move to Korea and the years of adjusting to life here. The frequency of posts has waned in recent years due mostly to the various tasks of life that have grown to fill up my time, but also because I feel I have fewer things I need to say. As I learn more and grown as a person, I realize how little I know. I hope to use the blog section of this site as an occasional sandbox to play in and put my thoughts together, if only for my own benefit.  You can also find links here to other projects I’m involved in.  

The title of this blog is Thoughts of a Fellow, which I chose because I wanted to capture the uncertainty that I bring to the table in each post. These words are simply my thoughts. They are written out of the abundance of my heart, which means they are bond to be as fallible and erratic as I am. 

This blog is also an attempt to inspire, challenge, and encourage those who read it. I’m not under any illusion that I have anything to say that hasn’t already been said in a more compelling manner elsewhere. However, I do believe that some things need to be said as many times as possible by as many people as possible in order to transform them from mere words into the realities we live in. So, I add my voice to the cacophony.

About This Fellow

I’m a 20-something American guy currently living in South Korea. I’m currently a graduate student studying international development. My academic interests lean towards gender studies, peace studies and international studies. Outside school, I am an aspiring Korean learner, runner, husband, avid podcast listener, and a mediocre cook.